Shintani World Congress of Alberta Association

Chander Sharma -Guest Instructor from Calgary (Shodan, 1st Degree)

Craig McMullen - Instructor (Shodan, 1st Degree)

Cory Leflar - Instructor (Nidan, 2nd Degree)

Other Links of interest

Sensei Paul Leonard's website, 9th Dan

World Congress Karate Shintani

Wado Bugei Karate Do Association (University of Alberta)

Shinkitai Karate-do (Sherwood Park)

Our Instructors

Mario Salazar - Head Instructor (Sandan, 3rd Degree)

Ian Shattler - Instructor (Sandan, 3rd Degree)

About Us

The Shintani World Congress of Alberta Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Wado Kai Karate developed by Hironori Otsuka Sensei and as taught by Masaru Shintani Sensei and Kyoshi Sensei Paul Leonard.

We are proud a member of the World Congress of Shintani Wado - Kai Karate and World Shintani Shindo under the direction of Kyoshi Sensei Leonard, Kudan, 9th Degree Black Belt. 

We believe that karate is an enjoyable life-long activity for all. It is a martial art that develops character, mental and physical wellness and provides individuals and families an excellent recreational opportunity.

These serve as guidelines for our conduct and behavior as we work towards our vision. They are passed down from our Sensei, Sensei Paul Leonard.





We work towards the advancement of Wado Kai Karate for the betterment of our members and the communities in which they live.